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Dr. Patrice Palmer - Holding On Past Empty

Dr. Patrice Palmer was once deemed a menace to society and an immediate threat to those around her. She has spent over 20 plus years funneling in and out of the criminal justice system with very little hope of ever being free of criminal activities or drug and alcohol addiction. In 2003, it was her internal cry and willing to ask for help, and then do the work, that cultivated her relentless spirit to overcome and become an amazing woman and champion for change. Dr. Palmer is a leader on the front lines as a criminal justice reform advocate, reentry consultant and an agent of change. Her work extends local, state, and national levels. She has spoken with the congressional staff in Washington DC on behalf of reentry, criminal justice reform, and 2 nd chances. Her dedication and compassion for the work of restoration earned her a President Barack Obama Presidential Life Time Achievement Award 2016.